Donna Clayton and Bonnie Andrise present Rush Limbaugh's book Rush Revere to Regional Library Exec. Dir. Ed Hughes on Aug. 28, 2014


June 2014 Meeting at the home of Kimberly Remak

The DCRW presented a check to The Arc of Northwest Mississippi.  For more information see

**************************************************JULY 2014 MEETING BELOW********************************

Terry Carr gives devotional

Sen. Chris Massey speaks

Rep. Forrest Hamilton speaks

Rep. Gene Alday speaks

Rep. Pat Nelson speaks

Rep. Wanda Jennings speaks

Norma Young talking with Rep. Forrest Hamilton

Cathy Massey & Betty Farmer greet members and guests

Rose Baenke, Terry Carr, Norma Young

Rep. Pat Nelson, Rep. Wanda Jennings, Rep. Gene Alday, Sen. Chris Massey


*******************************AUGUST 2014 MEETING BELOW: ************************************

Bonnie Andrise will present Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims to the Hernando Library 8-28-14

Heather Fox, Ellen Jernigan, Julie Hopkins, Tori Farmer, Betty Farmer

Julie Starr and DCRW President Sarah Hodges

Carolyn Richards and guest speaker Walt Starr of Congressman Alan Nunnelee's Hernando Office




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