September 18, 2014 Meeting of DCRW at Rep. Wanda Jennings's home

Agricultural Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith

Jane Coln, Desoto Co. Schools Superintendent Milton Kuykendall

Donna Clayton, Fran Britt, Supv. Lee Caldwell

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, Wanda Jennings

Ag. Comm. Cindy Hyde-Smith, Jane Coln, Rep. Wanda Jennings


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^OCTOBER 16, 2014 MEETING (BELOW)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Betty Farmer presents flags to Supv. Lee Caldwell for Desoto Co.Schools

Ellen Jernigan

Guest speaker Morgan Baldwin

Bonnie Andrise, Morgan Baldwin, Rob Taggart

Edith Robinson, Angela Moore, Tori Farmer

Welcome new members Edith Robinson and Shirley Graham!

Guest speaker Rob Taggart

Donna Clayton gave devotional on wisdom.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^FALL BOARD MEETING^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Vicki Blackwell, Betty Farmer, Ellen Jernigan at Fall Board Meeting


Bonne Andrise and Donna Clayton of the Literacy Committee present the book Sgt. Reckless to Regional Library Executive Director Ed Hughes


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